4 comments on “Sprint to customers: “You’re Fired!”

  1. Hmm. I’m not sure I completely agree with you. I think that you’re right that Sprint should examine why these people keep calling and complaining but at the same time, there are just some people you can’t reason with. When I read this article, I thought, “good for them!” Part of this may be because I used to work for a telecommunications subcontractor for Sprint so I’m very familiar with the company. I believe that a business should do what it can to provide good customer service but you have to draw the line somewhere. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the blogosphere.

  2. One of the world’s top psychologist’s wrote that mood seems to follow actions. And by regulating your actions, you can indirectly regulate your feelings.

    The best advice that I have ever gotten in my life is that when there’s a problem, to apply the three-strike rule. If I can’t get it resolved the first time, and then I talk about it and do everything I can do, and I still can’t get it resolved the second time, then the third time I have to own the problem. If I want the insanity of that relationship, either personal or business, then I have to be willing to put up with the problem.

  3. Is it what they did or the way they did that strikes a chord? I agree with your two commenters – sometimes you just cannot make some people happy.

  4. That story is amazing! What was Sprint thinking? Obviously the person in charge that day was just tired of dealing with the customers. Instead of trying to solve their problems, they just pawned them off to someone else. What the hell? If anything, they should have realized what a potential PR nightmare that would create for them. Maybe this just demonstrates the downside of a company that becomes to large and too successful: they take their customers for granted. The loss of the nagging customers they dropped probably had very little effect on their bottom line, but in the end I agree with you, they opened themselves up to WOM suicide.

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