4 comments on “Marketing: How to hit a home run

  1. What a cool story! That is the kind of thing that you hear about, but most people just don’t seem to get the chance to witness often.

    The best thing is that I am sure that the Nationals official who came to make the boy’s day did so not because of the possibility for good WOM, but because they felt it was the right thing to do.

    Ultimately, that is the best way to get good word of mouth. Not through gimicks. Not through stunts. But through genuine, thoughtful and service-oriented behavior.

  2. Great post. Great experience. Almost makes me care about the Nationals 🙂
    Seriously, this type of compassion for customers is so rare we can’t help but want to celebrate it. I will remember this next time I go to a game.

  3. Jane – This is such an awesome story. How cool! I think this is a great analogy in terms of how the blogosphere works: there are always going be the “bullies” of the online space, but the hope is that the wisdom of the crowds corrects or explains whatever the bullies are saying. And I agree with Steve’s point as well: in terms of marketing, the best way to get good coverage or build customer relationships with people is to do something because it’s the right thing to do, not just because you’re focused on your bottom line.

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