One comment on “Is Blogging the New Killer App?

  1. Hi Jane,
    I enjoy reading your posts each week. You pose the question of ‘why all the resistance to blogs’ when they yield high search engine results. I think the main answer to this question is not knowing how search engines and blogs work. I think many people and companies assume that in order to get a good search ranking, you have to become a sponsor because this is what is highlighted at the top of search engine pages. This ignorance will soon change.

    In addition, blogs really go against so much of what we are taught about writing for publication and writing for a company. Scoble and Israel discuss this. Stating personal opinions is an anomaly in academia, research, and corporate America. Students and researchers fact find to support hypotheses. Employees are instructed to deliver a central message and protect their organization’s image. We’re encouraged to sheild our opinions, more than we’re encouraged to speak in our own voice. I’m new to blogging and when I sit down to write, I feel like I have to de-program myself to find a more relaxed, conversational tone. I’m not use to it. It’s a strange feeling.

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