3 comments on “We’re not all Jack Kennedys

  1. Jane, as an Avid devotee myself, I feel your pain and frustration regarding the ever-increasing prevalence of FCP. It put my first company out of business. I’m happy to hear that Avid is trying to do well by you and their other customers with thoughtful customer service. they are listening through the traditional channels (Telephone 2.0 anyone?) Without having visited the Avid forums and blogs myself, I wonder what effect their presence there would have on their customer service process. How might they have used or maximized this additional tool? I wonder if Avid’s leadership is monitoring their online presence and taking Nail’s advice. With such a tech-savvy customer base, I’d be surprised if they aren’t, but one never knows. Perhaps one day they’ll take the additonal profits that I hope they’re making to remain competitive, and reinvest them in some R&D to relieve you and your peers of “Dongle Hell.” That’s certainly not a new issue, so hopefully one day they’ll listen.

  2. You ask the question – “Who cares? What makes my blog (or others) stand out?” The simple answer is that someone shopping for editting software may care. Someone who shares your interests and values in as much as you reveal them in your writing may make a connection with you and care. I believe this is your own conclusion although I get a little confused by your reference to the communication inventors/innovators and Jack Kennedy. It seems like you are framing the exhausting volume of content and information now available via the Internet and that not everyone needs to be an important (and savvy communicator) like Jack Kennedy to have an impact in the social media world. Let me know if I am on track.

  3. Hello Jane Wholey:

    This is the other Jane Wholey from New Orleans. I read about you when I google myself! It is curious that you and I do somewhat similar work.
    I am a former magazine journalist from New York City. I am now a media consultant – I work with various progressive grassroots projects, most of which are mentioned in the google citations. I am married to Jed Horne, newspaperman and author of “Breach of Faith” (about Hurricane Katrina). He is a runner like you – or so it appears.
    I have two kids, Jedidiah Horne and Eli Horne. I just turned 60. How about you?

    Is your family originally from New England? My branch of the Wholey family came from Ireland to Lawrence and Lowell, MA. I grew up in that area before taking off on many adventures and ending up in New Orleans.

    Someday it would be great fun to meet you.


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