3 comments on “A Dog is a Dog on the Internet

  1. Great post. I am not sure the revolution is upon us. While I am more gung ho than any of my colleagues, the jury is still out as to whether citizen journalism is replacing traditional media or supplementing it. So, what is the difference, if any, between citizen journalism and citizen marketers as Huba defines it?
    Speaking of “Linky-ness”, where are your links outbound? That will help you be more “social”.

  2. Like Luke, I tried linking, but couldn’t quite get it to work yet. I’ll get some more practice in over the week! Thanks.

  3. I liked how you tied in the quotation from the cartoonist into your blog post. It’s interesting how the idea of being a “dog” on the internet with anybody knowing was claimed in 1993–the reality of it is that in terms of anonymity, not much has changed in 2007. People feel comfortable with posting their blogs because they can are free with what they can write and talk about. There is limited censorship, which has made blogging such an important avenue of communication. The “democratic” notion of the internet is in full effect. There is a blindness to other internet participants enabling most to feel rather comfortable being so open in cyperspace. Not only are people using the internet to relate to their friends and relatives, but they are also connecting to those that they have never–and probably will never–meet.

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